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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

How to Import MS Outlook contacts to Android phones.

How to import Microsoft Outlook contacts to Android phones  

I am using Microsoft outlook 2007, but I am sure the basic principles will work with any software that is able to export contacts as “Vcard” business cards.

1.       Open Microsoft outlook
2.       “Left click” on contacts in lower left corner
3.       “Left click” on your first contact and then select all contacts with “CTRL – A”
4.       With the contacts highlighted, “Right click” them and select “Send as Business Card”
5.       Wait a while for the computer to respond. On mine it took some time +- 3 Minutes (I have 291 contacts.)
6.       When its done a “Untitled – Message” will open with all your Vcards Attached.
7.       Put your email address in the “To” field and send it to yourself.
8.       After sending, go to your “send items.”
9.       Choose the message with the Vcards that you just send your self.
10.   Select all your .vcf Attachments ( right click in the top box next to Yellow Message Icon on one of them and then click “Select All”)
11.   Right click on the selected attachments and choose “Save As…”
12.    Save it in a folder where you can get hold of it easily!
13.   Now go to that folder with Windows Explorer and copy all the Vcards to the root of your phones memory card.
14.   Now on your Android phone, Go to your “contacts”
15.   Now go to the options menu and Import the Vcards from  SD Card (Import from SD Card)

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