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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Worlds tallest Building

Khalifa Tower

Roof height:                828m (2,717 ft)

Top floor height:           621.3 m (2,038 ft)

Floor count:                160 habitable floors
                                  plus 46 maintenance levels in the spire and 2 parking
                                  levels in the basement

Floor area                    464,511 m2 (5,000,000 sq ft)

Cost                            $1.5 billion

Opening:                      4 January 2010

Burj Khalifa (Arabic: برج خليفة‎ "Khalifa Tower"), known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 828 m (2,717 ft).  Construction began on 21 September 2004, with the exterior of the structure completed on 1 October 2009. The building officially opened on 4 January 2010.
The tower's architecture and engineering were performed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill of Chicago.
The primary contractor was Samsung C&T of South Korea, who also built the Taipei 101 and Petronas Twin Towers.  Major subcontractors included Belgian group Besix and Arabtec from the UAE. Turner Construction Company was chosen as the construction project manager.  Under UAE law, the Contractor and the Engineer of Record, Hyder Consulting, is jointly and severally liable for the performance of Burj Khalifa.

Tapei 101

Taipei 101, in the Hsinyi dist., Taipei, Taiwan; also known as the Taipei Financial Center. With 101 stories and reaching 1,671 ft (509 m) high, Taipei 101 became the world's tallest building when it was topped out in 2003, surpassing the Petronas Towers; construction, which began in 1999, was completed in 2004. Designed by C. Y. Lee & Partners, the multiuse steel-and-glass skyscraper echoes a traditional Chinese pagoda with its soaring podium base, eight tiers of eight stories (a number that is a homophone for prosperous growth in Chinese), and narrow pinnacle tower and spire. A 18-ft (5.5-m), 882-ton (800-metric-ton), ball-shaped damper located near the top counteracts swaying during earthquakes and typhoons.

Antenna or spire:             509.2 m (1,670.6 ft)

Roof height:                   449.2 m (1,473.8 ft)

Top floor height:             439.2 m (1,440.9 ft)

Floor count:                   101

Floor area:                     412,500 m2 (4,440,100 sq ft)

Cost :                                      NT$  58 billion
 USD $ 1.76 billion    

Rose Tower

The Rose Rayhaan Rotana (also known as Rose Tower) is a 72-storey hotel located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the world's tallest building used exclusively as a hotel. Originally, the tower was to be 380 m (1,250 ft) high, but further design modification reduced it to 333 m (1,093 ft). Construction began in 2004 and was completed in 2007. On 24 October 2006, the building reached its full height with the addition of the spire. Rose Rayhaan Rotana is one of the first major hotel brands to open in Dubai as alcohol-free.  Bonyan International Investment Group is the developer and invested $180 million. The building was officially completed with 482 rooms, suites and penthouses.  The Rose tower was officially opened on 23 December 2009

Antenna or spire:             333 m (1,093 ft)

Roof height:                   315 m (1,033 ft)

Top floor height:             258 m (846 ft)

Floor count:                   72

Floor area:                     51,445 m²

No. of rooms:                    482

Opening:                       23 December 2009

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