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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Does adding more RAM to your computer make it faster?

Lets explain first how your computer uses RAM( Random Access Memmory ). You get two main types of memmory that your computer uses to execute and work with software or programs. They are "RAM" and "Virtual Memmory". Virtual memmory is space that is used on the computers hard disk drive, when the RAM becomes full.
So if you have only 64 Megabytes of RAM on your computer, and your photopoint or CAD or even, your game uses more than 64 Megabytes, then the computer wil start to use virtual memmory.

Virtual Memmory is much slower than RAM, and this results in slower response from your computer. What do you do now? ....... You add more RAM , so your computer uses less of Virtual Memmory READ HERE FOR MORE INFO

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