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Monday, November 20, 2006

How to make a CAT5/e lan cable.

A good CAT5 termination has a proper wire crimp, a wire insulation strain relief crimp and a cable strain relief crimp. Also important, is not unwinding the wires more than necessary, maintaining the twists as far as possible is important, but don't let it stop you from inserting the wires as far as possible. I've made a lot of these cables personally, and this is how I do it.

Strip the cables Jacket back one full inch.

Untwist the wires back to within 1/8" of the jacket.
Arrange the wires in the order in which you want to crimp them, (ie. 568A, 568B).

Grasp the wires firmly, between your thumb and forefinger, flatten them, and even wiggle 
them a bit, to take out the curliness, (concentrate your efforts on the bottom 1/2") the
wires must lay flat and together, aligned as close as possible.

While holding the wires firmly, cut off the the wires 1/2" from the cables jacket (Cut the wires  with some sharp wire strippers or even high quality scissors, avoid wire cutters that flatten the ends of the wires insulating material, this makes stuffing the wires very difficult.)

Stuff the wires into the connector, making sure the wires stay lined up. The wires should reach the end of the little tube they are in, if possible, or at least past the farthest point of that "little Gold Plated thingy" above it, which will terminate it.
The jacket should go even with the end of the first indent if possible, it's a strain relief for the cable.

Insert it into the crimping tool, and Crimp it!

Cable jacket should be inserted past the strain relief crimp, (see picture below).

And here are the 568A and 568B pin-outs used today.

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